Grade System

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary awards grade on a 4-point system. The quality point value per credit hour for each letter grade is as follows:

* The minimum passing grade for master’s level courses is a “D-“.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory or Pass/Fail Courses

Some courses are graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Instead of one of the letter grades listed above, the student receives either “S” for satisfactorily completing the course or “U” for unsatisfactorily completing the course. Other courses are graded on a Pass/Fail basis.

Doctoral Grade System:  Doctoral level minimum grades vary, see program descriptions.

Change/Update a Grade

Approximately three weeks after the close of each semester, the student can view his or her grades for courses taken during that semester via Canvas. If a student thinks that he or she has been assigned an incorrect grade for a course, the following procedure should be followed:

  • An appointment should be scheduled with the professor as soon as possible after receipt of the official grade from Academic Records. When making the appointment, the student should indicate that the purpose of the meeting is to review the grade that has been received.
  • This consultation with the professor regarding the grade must take place within 30 days of the issuance of the official grade. When the professor is not available, the student should consult with the dean of the school in which the course was taught (for master’s work) or the chairman of the appropriate doctoral studies committee for an extension of time or for other instructions.
  • If the consultation with the professor results in change of the previously assigned grade, the professor will need to email Academic Records to correct the grade.

Repeated Courses & Grade Forgiveness

Any course may be repeated regardless of the grade received for that course although a course will count toward the student’s degree requirements only once. Each attempt will remain on the student’s transcript, but only the most recent grade will be used to calculate the student’s grade-point average (GPA). Responsibility for unintentionally repeated courses is not assumed by the institution.

Incomplete Course Work

The seminary faculty discourages granting “incomplete” grades except in special cases (such as medical or family emergencies). The faculty member must deem any special cases appropriate. Students receiving an incomplete during any semester or term are required to complete the work necessary to remove the incomplete prior to the close of the next scheduled semester. If a student does not complete the required work by the deadline, the incomplete will be changed to an “F.” This policy also applies to independent studies.

Doctor of Ministry students who receive an incomplete during any semester or term will not be permitted to register for additional courses until the incomplete work is submitted. Students may not begin their doctoral project until all incomplete courses are finished.

Exceptions to this policy may be made on the recommendation of a faculty member to Academic Records. All incompletes must be resolved by the mid-point of the semester in which the student intends to graduate.

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