Safety & Security

Cooperation and involvement of all members of the seminary community in our campus safety and security program is absolutely necessary. At the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, we sincerely believe that “Security Begins With You”. The students and staff must assume responsibility for their own personal safety and security by taking simple common sense precautions.

Campus police officer walking with students

The following link contains basic safety and security tips for keeping everyone safe on campus.

Firearms & Weapons

Seminary policy strictly prohibits the unlawful possession or use of firearms or other weapons by any persons on campus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Kentucky Revised Statutes allows the Seminary to limit/prohibit the possession of any firearm or weapon. Students and staff are not allowed to carry and/or possess weapons at any time while in Seminary buildings or on Seminary property, whether or not licensed to do so. Students and staff are also prohibited from carrying and/or possessing weapons at any time while working or attending Seminary or seminary-related events, whether or not on Seminary property.

The seminary also prohibits university visitors from carrying and/or possessing weapons on seminary property or attending seminary-related, non-hunting activities. Non- employees include, but are not limited to, vendors, visitors, customers and potential customers of the university, excluding law enforcement officers.

Exceptions to this policy are those required by Kentucky Revised Statutes.



Any device that shoots a bullet, pellet, flare, tranquilizer, spear dart or other projectile, whether loaded or unloaded, including those powered by CO2. This includes, but not limited to, guns, air guns, dart guns, pistols, revolvers, rifles, shot guns, cannons, etc, and any ammunition for any such device.


Any device that is designed to or traditionally used to inflict harm. This includes, but is not limited to: 1) firearms, slingshots, switchblades, daggers, blackjacks, brass knuckles, bows and arrows, hand grenades, hunting knives, nun-chucks, throwing stars, etc.; 2) any object that could be reasonably construed as a weapon; or 3) any object legally controlled as a weapon or treated as a weapon under the laws of the jurisdiction in which the Seminary premises is located.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems – Drone – Model Aircraft Policy

This policy establishes an approval process and procedures to ensure safe and responsible operation of any unmanned aircraft system (“UAS”) or Model Aircraft on all owned, operated, or controlled property of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (“SBTS”) and Boyce College (“Boyce”), and off campus in the U.S. national airspace system.

Bicycle Enforcement

Campus Police does not register bicycles, however, there are rules and regulations that apply to all bicycles that are parked on the Southern and Boyce Campus.

  • All bicycles must be parked in designated bicycle racks or approved parking areas.
  • Bicycles found not in designated racks or approved parking areas will be subject to impound.
  • Campus Police Officers are authorized to cut locks and chains on bicycles parked in undesignated areas.
  • Campus Police will hold all impounded bicycles for a minimum of 30 days.
  • Bicycle owners seeking to claim a bicycle must provide a Shield Card or a valid government issued ID as well as a description of the bicycle, to include where the bicycle was located at the time of impound.
  • Bicycles found to be in disrepair or in an inoperable condition, regardless of location, will be tagged with a 72 hour notice. If Campus Police Officers find the bicycle to still be in an inoperable condition after a 72 hour period, the bicycle will be subject to impound.
  • On campus residents must register their bicycle with Student Life/Housing (Boyce) or Housing (SBTS).

All bicycles which have been in impound for more than 30 days will be considered abandoned property.  Campus Police has partnered with Northeast Christian Church and the Trikes for Tikes program to donate all abandoned bicycles. Anyone wishing to contact the Trikes for Tikes program can reach them at (502) 295-5351, (502) 767-3855, or online at

Click on the button below to view all bicycle racks and designated parking areas on our campus.

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