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Ministry Apprenticeship Program

A direct avenue to train leaders with serious academic study and practical application in a church-based ministry context.

MAP Supervisors are leaders in ministry who supervise students for 200 service hours in their ministry. The student gets practical, hands-on experience while completing valuable Master’s level coursework. Students can register for MAP through My.SBTS registration for the Fall and Spring semesters and the Summer term. Forms and general information are below. Email map@sbts.edu for specfic questions.

Class Method

In the ministry apprenticeship program, there are two options. The student may serve under the guidance of an SBTS professor and complete his or her coursework as prescribed in the SBTS syllabus; OR the student may serve under a preapproved instructor and complete the coursework delineated on a preapproved syllabus. If the student is planning to utilize the second option, he or she should  ensure the instructor and syllabus have already been approved by the SBTS MAP facilitator.

All students must complete the MAP enrollment form below and be sure to note if they are serving under a SBTS professor or preapproved instructor. Also, be sure to register for the appropriate class on MySBTS at the beginning of the semester Lastly, if using a preapproved instructor, the instructor must submit the MAP evaluation form below at the end of the semester.

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MAP Affiliate Requirements

MAP Affiliates are required to represent the BFM 2000 and Abstract of Principles. They also agree to facilitate MAP according to the most up to date syllabus.

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Sign up as a MAP Affiliate

Partner with Southern in our mission to train students to serve local churches to the ends of the earth.

Class Options



Proclamation centers around the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. Sharpen your mind with books on the delivering the ministry of the word. Also, students will meet weekly and be supervised with field experience.



Leadership seminars provide a reading list attentive to daily, practical decision making within ministry. Students must also meet weekly with an approved ministry supervisor as well as complete field experience in leadership.




Outreach will focus reading on missions, evangelism, and outreach through the local church and community development. Students will also meet weekly with an approved supervisor as well as complete field experience in an outreach context.

For Current MAP Students and Affiliates


MAP Evaluation

For supervisors at the end of the semester

MAP Enrollment Form

For all MAP students prior to the start of the semester.  Please make sure that you register for the appropriate MAP class in My.SBTS.edu.

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