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Additional Academic Records Policies

Earning Multiple SBTS Degrees

Earn a Different SBTS Degree: If the first degree is to be rescinded and the credit hours for the first degree are less than the second degree, only additional hours for second degree need to be taken.

Retain Both SBTS Degrees: To earn a second SBTS master’s degree and retain both degrees, the total hours earned will be the total hours of the largest degree plus 1/3 of the smaller degree:

  • 48hr. MA and 60+hrs. MA 75 hrs. required.
  • 48hr. MA and 88hr. MDiv 102 hrs. required (90 hours for 73hr. Adv MDiv.)
  • 48hr. MA and 84hr. MDiv  99 hrs. required (87 hrs. for 72hr. Adv. MDiv)
  • Two 60+ hrs. MA’s. 81hrs. required
  • 60+hrs. MA and 88hr. MDiv.  108 hrs. required (93 hrs. for 73hr. Adv MDiv.)
  • 60+hrs. MA and 84hr. MDiv.  105 hrs. required (93 hrs. for 72hr. Adv. MDiv)
  • CANNOT earn two Master of Divinity degrees.

For questions regarding this internal transfer, contact

Advanced Placement Exams

Current students coming to Southern with a background in certain fields are able to complete an exam for advanced standing. They do not award course credit, but rather allow students to replace introductory courses with an elective in the same field. If a student passes the exam for Systematic Theology I, for instance, they may take another Theology class in its place.

To pass an exam, the student must receive at least an 80%. If the student fails an exam, they can retake the exam one time after 60 days (the second attempt will be a different exam). The exams are a service to students and so there is no fee for attempting an exam.

For a list of possible exams and the official process, visit the AP Placement Exams page.

SBTS Transfer Credit Policy

Our Transfer Credit office is available to answer any questions and work with you through the transfer process. SBTS is committed to help you succeed as a student and train you to be a minister of the gospel of Christ!

The SBTS Transfer Credit Policy is available for prospective and current students to review.

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