Bella Ballet Teachers

Ms. Lizzie Graham

Ms. Lizzie is our Ballet Coordinator as well as a teacher within the program! She has studied primarily classical ballet for the past 16 years. From 2019-2021, She danced in Classical Ballet of Mobile’s Pre-Professional Company. During her time in the company, She taught many ballet classes. This is her 2nd full year as Ballet Coordinator and she is incredible at making recital so much fun from her theming to the costumes she alters to so much more! We love her so much! She is also a PPE student at Boyce studying to go to law school afterwards.
She teaches Advanced Classes, Works with Our Soloists, and Coordinates the Ballet Program alongside our Coordinator of Childcare.

Ms. Molly Kile

Ms. Molly has been dancing since she was eleven, and joined Elevate Dance Ministry when she was fifteen. She was a member of their performing company there for a little over two years. In addition to that, Molly is a Communications Student at Boyce and also serves as an Event Planner in the Event Productions Office.
She teaches Pre-Ballet, Beginner I, & Beginner II classes with us and has been teaching at Bella Ballet for several years!

Ms. Lydia McConnell

If you’ve been in our Ballet Program in the last year, you definitely know Ms. Lydia. She has primarily served as a check in worker for the last year and assisting with recital organization. This will be her first year as a teacher within the program! She has served our kids in the children’s department so well in both ballet and childcare, we are sure she is going to be an incredible ballet teacher! She is also a PPE student at Boyce.
She teaches Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet classes!

Ms. Keegan Putnam

Ms. Keegan is coming up on her first full year completed as a Bella Ballet teacher! She is incredibly kind and always patient with our girls that have a harder time adjusting to ballet classes. We are thrilled to have her another semester! She is also attending Boyce for a Biblical Counseling Degree
She teaches Beginner 1, Beginner II, and Intermediate classes. In addition to this, she also works with our soloists.

Ms. Charlotte Davis

This is Ms. Charlotte’s second semester working as a Bella Ballet Teacher. She is a personal friend of Ms. Lizzie and has been such a gift to our program with her expertise in Recital details. She is a patient teacher and so much fun! We are so thankful for her! She is also attending Boyce for a Music & Worship Degree!
She teaches Beginner II & Intermediate Classes as well as works with some of our soloists.

Ms. Elizabeth Smith

This is Ms. Elizabeth’s first semester teaching at Bella Ballet! She is also a personal friend of Ms. Lizzie. We are so thrilled to see how God is going to use her 11 years of Ballet Experience as well as her costume making skills to further our mission at Bella Ballet. We are confident she will be an incredible addition to the program!
She teaches Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, & Beginner I classes.

Ms. Darci Fosnaugh

Ms. Darci has been teaching at Bella Ballet for four years. She practiced dance at Living Grace Dance Ministry for 5 years through middle school and high school. She is so much fun and such a joyful addition to our program. She also rock climbs in her free time!
She teaches a Beginner II class.

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