FAQs and Important Links for the Registrar and Academic Records

FAQs and Important Links

Questions? Contact Academic Records

Phone: (502) 897-4209
Email: academicrecords@sbts.edu

Auditing Policy and Form (students may only audit certain on-campus courses)

  • In your MySBTS account, click the drop down on “Student Tools” then click on the “Registration” tab.
  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to the section “My Courses”. You will see all the courses you are scheduled for.
  • Each course you are scheduled for will have a red minus sign in the “action” column. To drop a course, simply click the red minus sign and the course will disappear from your schedule.

To withdraw from a course after the first week of courses, please fill out the Course Change Form. 

  • Dropped Course: 
    • You may only drop courses during the first week of the course.
    • Refunds: Courses dropped within this period there is a 100% tuition refund.
    • Dropped Courses on Transcripts: Dropped courses do NOT appear on the student’s transcript.
  • Withdrawn Course:
    • After the first week, students are withdrawn from the courses.
    • Refunds: There is no tuition refund for withdrawn courses after the online drop period ends.
    • Future Registration: For any withdrawn course, students will need to complete the Repeated Course Request Form so that Academic Records can enroll you in the course.
    • Withdrawn Courses on Transcript: Withdrawn courses will appear on the student’s transcript as a grade of “WP – Withdraw Passing” or “WF – Withdraw Failing” as determined by the professor. A WP or WF  will not affect your GPA.

As an on campus student, you are not permitted to take online courses. School policy is that a student needs to live 50 miles away from campus to be an online student. However, you can appeal to take an online course by completing the Online Course Exception Form.

Students will need to fill out the Degree Change FormOnce the form has been received, it will be sent to get an approval and be processed. You will receive and email once your degree has been official changed. Please allow one week for processing.

If you have questions about your eligibility for graduation, see your Degree Audit in My.SBTS or contact Academic Advising.

  • To begin the graduation process, waitlist the 1GRAD course in My.SBTS Registration for current or future semester. This course will be available in MySBTS after the current semesters graduation ceremony.
  • Graduation Deadline (to waitlist the course):
    • Fall graduation is September 15th
    • Spring graduation is February 15th.
  • After waitlisting the course, the Registrar will audit your records to see if you meet your degree requirements. If you meet your degree requirements, you will receive and email from the Registrar and be added to the 1GRAD course in Canvas.  Depending on the time of the year, there may be a delay of up to 6 weeks before the degree audit is completed.

If you have walked at a graduation ceremony but did not receive your diploma, you likely have a hold on your account preventing the conferral of your degree. Please contact the Academic Records office to confirm if you have a hold and how to remove the hold. Once the hold is removed and you have completed everything necessary to graduate, you may either pick up your diploma in the Academic Record office or send an email to academicrecords@sbts.edu with a current address to which your diploma can be sent.

If you are moving and it affects whether you will be taking on-campus or online courses,  you will need to fill out the Location Transfer Form.  

Students may formally withdraw from school by filling out the Withdrawal Request form here:

Click here to order an Official Transcript

  • These orders are place in Parchment. The cost starts at $6 with the option for additional delivery and handling fees.

Click here to request an Unofficial Transcript

  • This is a pdf copy that is emailed to you at no cost.

Transfer Credit Policy

TES Database (This database allows students to search their previous institution and courses to see what they would transfer in as at SBTS/Boyce.)

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