Safety & Security Tips

Cooperation and involvement of all members of the seminary community in our campus safety and security program is absolutely necessary. At the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, we sincerely believe that “Security Begins With You”. The students and staff must assume responsibility for their own personal safety and security by taking simple common sense precautions.

  • Report suspicious people to Campus Police immediately.
  • Residences and dorm rooms should be locked at all times, even when occupied or if leaving for only a few minutes.
  • Never prop open a secured door.
  • Never allow someone you don’t know to enter a secured door with you.
  • Report a lost/stolen Shield Card to Campus Police.
  • When jogging at night, use the buddy system and vary your route.
  • Don’t wear headphones while jogging.
  • Consider using the Security Escort Service at night (x4444).
  • Report any broken windows, door latches or lights that are out to Housing staff.
  • Don’t advertise your departure from campus by posting notes on your door.
  • Record serial numbers of all valuable items.
  • Never leave a purse, wallet or other valuable item unattended.
  • Always lock your car.
  • Don’t leave any valuables such as purses, gifts or GPS devices visible in your car.
  • Take time to familiarize yourself with building evacuation routes and severe weather shelter locations.
  • Keep emergency phone numbers handy

Resident Assistants live in the residence halls and are on call 24 hours a day.

Resident Assistants undergo thorough training in the enforcement of security and safety policies. They participate in lectures and seminars, associated with the safety and security of the seminary, conducted by seminary administrators and Campus Police personnel.

Services and programs intended to enhance the quality of life and to assure the safety and security of the resident student body are a major priority of the seminary administrators and staff.

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