An icy road

Ice Storms

Freezing rain from an ice storm can cover everything with a heavy, smooth layer of ice. Ice-covered roads become slippery and hazardous.

The ice may cause vehicles to skid out of control, which in turn may cause devastating car crashes or pile-ups. Pedestrians also may be affected by ice storms, as sidewalks can become slippery. This may cause people to fall. Stairs, ramps and hills are especially dangerous.

When an ice storm strikes or is forecast, take the following precautions

  • Monitor local weather via radio, internet or TV. It is important to stay informed.
  • If possible, do not drive.
  • If you do need to drive, use extreme caution.
  • Also be cautious as a pedestrian. Sidewalks, stairs, ramps and any other surface covered in ice will be slippery. If there is a railing, use it.
  • Be wary of and stay away from downed branches, trees or power lines.
  • If you need to go outside, dress in layers. Stay warm.
  • If you live off campus and your place of residence has lost power, call your utility company. In the meantime, keep your house or apartment as warm as possible by:
    • Shutting doors to rooms you are not using
    • Using towels to seal the bottoms or tops of doors
    • Covering your windows at night (for example, with blankets or towels)

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