Lightning strike

Severe Thunderstorm

Severe Thunderstorm

  • Listen for “Severe Thunderstorm Watches” for your county. This means that conditions are favorable for severe thunderstorms to develop.
  • Listen for “Severe Thunderstorm Warnings” for your county. This means that a severe thunderstorm is occurring or is imminent.
  • When severe thunderstorms threaten, go to a small interior room on the lowest floor of your home, school, or business. Avoid windows.
  • To improve your odds in minimizing the hazard to life or injury, follow this rule of thumb: “put as many walls between you and the outside wind.”
  • In vehicles, avoid driving through severe thunderstorms. Consider pulling over or delaying travel.
  • Prior to a severe thunderstorm’s arrival, move vehicles into garages or under carports to help prevent damage. Do this as time and safety permits. Bring in pets.
  • Tornadoes can also occur with severe thunderstorms. If a tornado approaches, seek shelter in an interior closet or bathroom. If possible, protect your head and body with something padded such as pillows or a small mattress.
  • For further instruction on tornadoes – See instructions on tornado preparedness here.

In the event of lightning

  • Have a lightning safety plan. Know where you’ll go for safety and ensure you’ll have enough time to get there.
  • Postpone activities. Consider postponing activities if thunderstorms are forecast.
  • Monitor the weather. Once outside, look for signs of a developing or approaching thunderstorm such as towering clouds, darkening skies, or flashes of lightning.
  • Get to a safe place. If you hear thunder, even a distant rumble, seek safety immediately. Fully enclosed buildings with wiring and plumbing are best. A hard-topped metal vehicle with the windows closed is also safe. Stay inside until 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder. Sheds, picnic shelters, tents or covered porches do NOT protect you from lightning.
  • If you hear thunder, don’t use a corded phone except in an emergency. Cordless phones and cell phones are safe to use.
  • Keep away from electrical equipment and plumbing. Lightning will travel through the wiring and plumbing if your building is struck. Don’t take a bath or shower, or wash dishes during a storm.
  • Lightning Safety Brochure

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