Doctoral Studies FAQs


Students will register for a foundational seminar each Winter and Summer term for the first two years of their program. Students will register for an online writing course each Spring and Fall Term until graduation. Please refer to the D.Ed.Min. and D.Min. course plans to determine which writing course to register for.

Students will register through their account by clicking on “Student Tools,” then “Registration.”

Registration for summer and fall courses is open March 1-April 30. Registration for winter and spring courses is open October 1-November 30. If there is a registration hold on your account, please fill out the “Information Form” under “Student Tools” and try again. If the hold remains, please email the PDS Office at

Yes, students must register for fall/spring writing courses each semester until graduation. Please reference the D.Min. or D.Ed.Min. course plans to see which course to register for.

When students fail to register within the registration period, they will need to contact the PDS Office at for assistance. Any student who fails to register each semester will be subject to the charge of a late registration fee in the amount of $250.


After students pay the initial deposit, monthly billing will begin the month that a student starts the program (either January or July).

Students can pay through their account by going to “Student Tools,” and then clicking on “Account Information.”

Project/Thesis Writing

The Ethics Forms can be found at the bottom of the PDS Writing Resources page. Students should start with the document titled, “Permission to Use Human Subjects in Research” to create their research profile. Once the forms have been completed, students will submit them to their supervisor for approval and then to the PDS office.

Students are assigned a faculty supervisor during their second semester and after completing the Project Methodology seminar. During this seminar, students will develop their project proposal, which will be sent to a supervisor upon submission. The PDS Office will notify students when they have been paired with a supervisor.


Many students choose to stay at the Legacy Hotel, located on Southern’s campus, or a nearby AirB&B.

Concentration foundational seminars are four days (Tuesday-Friday), from approximately 8:30a.m.-5:00p.m. (the exact class times are set by the course professor). During the student’s second semester, he/she will take Project Methodology in addition to the foundational seminar. This class meets Monday-Friday.

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