Deepen your faith why service your country


You’re already serving your county, but maybe you sense a need to deepen your knowledge or faith in Christ. Maybe you want more training to make you a more effective witness. Or maybe you sense God calling you to vocational ministry after you complete your military career. No matter how the Lord is leading you, the online programs at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary can help you achieve that goal.

What can I take?

You could complete a Bachelor’s degree from a fully accredited, top Christian school completely online. To learn more about what college programs or degrees we offer, visit Boyce College Online.

You could complete a seminary Master’s degree from a solid Christian seminary by taking courses through varied  location formats; online, on-campus and extension. Find out more about the Hybrid Modular Courses and our Online Program.

How can I get started?

Click on apply now or visit our admissions page.

Learn more about Veterans Benefits and the GI Bill.

Are you ready to become a pastor, counselor, or church leader who is Trusted for Truth?