Course Access Instructions

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You may have questions concerning how your internet course is going to function. After you have been admitted as a student, your first step is to enroll in an online class. Click here for more information on enrollment.

    • After registering for an online course, you will access your course via Canvas.
    • Tuition fees, payments, and password changes are made through MySBTS.
    • Online classes (with the exception of languages) follow an 8-week schedule. Refer to this page for specific dates.
    • Course lectures are for registered students only. Please do not make copies or share these resources. Due to copyright and intellectual property issues and policies, the video lectures remain the property of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
    • Course lectures are viewable in your Canvas course. Should you need assistance, please see the Lecture Viewing Support page.
    • For information concerning other online resources and program policies, please go to the Online Student Services section of our home page.
    • Should you choose to drop an online course, please do so promptly and by following the instructions below. If you do not properly drop an online course for which you are registered, you will receive a failing grade at the end of the semester. Use the instructions below contact Academic Records at if you need further assistance.  Do not assume it will work itself out.
      • Dropping a course before the add/drop deadline:
        • Log into MySBTS
        • Select “Student Tools” and “Registration
        • In the “My Courses” section, find the class you wish to drop and To drop an online course prior to the close of web registration, go to the My Courses list in MySBTS and select the Red – next to the course. Contact Accounting if you have already paid tuition for the courses and you are within a drop range for refunds. If you continue to see the course in your course list, email Academic Records. The may be able to assist you or if necessary, direct you to Campus Technology.
      • Dropping a course after the add/drop deadline:
        • To drop an online course after the add/drop date and before the mid-point of the term, complete the Course Withdrawal Form, submit it to the Office of Academic Records. Please also e-mail your professor and let them know to prevent undue concern about your course inactivity.
    • For technical difficulty, check this Technical Support page
    • For difficulty with other online course issues, contact the Office of Online Learning at or at 1-800-626-5525 ext. 4701
    • For difficulty understanding the course material, contact your Professor, Garrett Fellow or Online Teaching Assistant through your in Canvas.

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