8 Week Online Terms

2023-2024 Online Learning Schedule

TermDatesAdd / Drop Dates
Fall 1 (F1)Aug. 7 – Oct. 1Aug. 1 / Aug. 11
Break Week Oct. 2 – 6
Fall 2 (F2)Oct. 9 – Dec. 3Oct. 9 / Oct. 13
Winter (JA)Dec. 4 – Feb. 4Dec. 4 / Dec. 8
Christmas Break: Dec. 25 – 29
Spring 1 (S1)Feb. 5 – Mar. 31Feb. 5 / Feb. 9
Break Week Apr. 1 – 5
Spring 2 (S2)Apr. 8 – Jun. 2Apr. 8 / Apr. 12
Summer (SU)Jun. 3 – Jul. 28Jun. 3 / Jun. 7
Break WeekJul. 29 – Aug. 2

*Note on MD courses: On-campus meeting days typically occur on a Friday and Saturday set throughout the 16 or 8-week course term, unless otherwise noted. Refer to MySBTS registration to verify the dates of your particular course.

Fast Facts

  1. All online (WW) and hybrid (MD) courses are offered in an 8-week format, with the exception of the Hebrew, Greek, and Arabic language courses, the online Preaching and Counseling Practicums, and the hybrid Applied Ministry.
  2. Hybrid and online language courses span 16 weeks; beginning the first day of one 8-week term and ending the last day of the following adjacent 8-week term. Always confirm the start and end dates on the MySBTS course registration page, making sure the course’s end date meets any of your program deadlines, e.g., it is a required prerequisite, graduation, etc.
  3. The hybrid (MD) on-campus meeting times will occur on a Friday and Saturday. Check MySBTS for your on-campus days and if you need further assistance with MySBTS check out this Students MySBTS Helps page.
  4. Fall WW and MD courses begin earlier than Fall on-campus courses, read and click the Important Dates link at the top of MySBTS; stay informed.
  5. The Hybrid and Online Winter semester (JA) will have 8 weeks of content but span a total of 9 weeks due to a break week for Christmas.
  6. All student coursework must be completed within the 8-week term unless special circumstances have been discussed with the professor.
  7. Students should plan for approximately 10 hours of coursework per week per 8-week course. The recommendation is to take one or two courses per 8-week term; see this Online Student Tips Resource also.
  8. Each online learning course will count as 3 credit hours(unless noted otherwise) and typical tuition rates apply.
  9. The ADD date for all online learning courses (WW and MD) is through 4 p.m. of first day of the term.  Likewise, the DROP date is 4 p.m. Friday of the first week of the term and must be handled by Academic Records. To drop, you must email academicrecords@sbts.edu, providing your Student ID # and the course to be dropped. Always check the links located across the top of MySBTS Student Registration page for important information, e.g., tuition, fees, registration, start, add, drop, other academic dates, etc.
  10. Withdraw passing/failing date will be at the end of week 4 in each term.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, with the exception of Languages, Preaching Practicum and Applied Ministry.

No, language classes (Greek and Hebrew, Elementary and Syntax & Exegesis courses) are 16 weeks in length.

You need to take 9 credit hours in the Fall and Spring semesters to maintain full-time student status (which are made up of two 8-week terms). It’s up to you to divide these hours between the 8-week terms and maintain the status required for any scholarships/financial assistance.

Yes, each Hybrid class requires two days on campus.

No, normal tuition fees apply.

No, each course is still worth 3 credit hours and will require that amount of work.

No. You can expect to receive the same high-quality content you would expect from any Southern course.

For each course, you should allot approximately 10 hours/week.

There will be one break week during this semester for Christmas.

The Hybrid/Online schedule start and end dates differ from on-campus start and end dates. Students should refer to the schedule above as well as MySBTS for all Hybrid/Online course dates.

Registration will open for each term up to the add/drop date set for each term; please refer to Academic Records if you have any questions.

Yes, you can take classes year-round.

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