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Conference Courses

Upcoming Conference Courses

Summer 2024

27640CT Doctrine of the Church: 9 Marks Weekender

Dr. Jonathan Leeman

May 15-20, 2024

Students must attend and register for the 9 Marks Weekender in Washington, D.C, in addition to registering for the course on The course begins on Wednesday and the Weekender begins on Thursday. Please contact for questions.

42710 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting

Dr. Hershael York

June 10-12, 2024 | Class will meet on June 10, 4:30pm-6:30pm

Students will have meetings on Monday morning to attend, and must attend the entirety of the SBC (June 10-12, 2024) in Indianapolis. Students must also register for this class on

Next Steps

  • All conference courses count for on-campus credit hours. Assignments, registration process, and other details vary. Contact the professor or OTA of the individual courses for more info.
  • Southern Seminary students may register for a conference class by accessing their registration at
  • If you are not an SBTS student, but would like to take a conference class, click here to complete the online application. Those who only wish to take 1 courses through SBTS can apply as “Non-Degree Seeking” students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Conference courses wed academic training with the encouragement and training offered by an event. Conference courses allow students to earn undergraduate and graduate credit while participating in select conferences across the country.

The list of conferences that allow students to earn academic credit varies from semester to semester. Follow this link for an official list of all conferences allowing students to earn academic credit.

Yes. Participants who are not Southern Seminary students can earn transferable course credit by taking a conference course through SBTS. Please consult your school’s registrar to ensure that course credits will transfer to your respective institution.

When you are ready, you can apply to SBTS as a “Non-Degree Seeking Student.”

The conference registration is not included for most conference courses. The exception is conferences hosted by Southern Seminary on campus. Check with the Center for Student Success if you have questions about a particular conference.

Otherwise, course and registration fees vary.

Times and locations vary. Typically, official course lectures take place before or after the conference occurs, not during the conference. See the respective course syllabus for details.

Yes. All conference courses count for on-campus credit hours.

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