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The Southern DNA

Introduction to Employee Spotlights

Spotlighting stories.

Stories hold an essential place at Southern Seminary, and in our society at large. From the stories we tell around the campfire to the grand story of Scripture, we see this truth amplified. There is something about stories that captivate us. The stories that develop a complex plot, that have great character development, and then rise to their resolution. We, as a people, love good stories.


If you’ve been around Southern very long you have more likely than not heard of “The Southern Story.”
If you are among the few who haven’t,it is the intriguing narrative that dates back to 1859 in Greenville, South Carolina and spans more than 150 years. Much has taken place in that time, many changes, and a few moves, but one key theme remained: God’s faithfulness. God’s faithfulness and providence is the overarching story that Southern has been marked by since its founding.

The Human Resources office plays a role
within that story. Marked by a mission of serving Southern Seminary institutionally by recruiting talented employees that love the seminary, supporting the offices of Southern by providing training and policies, and caring for all of our employees during their time of employment. One way we are seeking to care for our employees is by an initiative called “Employee Spotlights.”

What aren’t Employee Spotlights?

First, Employee Spotlights are not a glorified “Employee of the Month.” We all know the picture hung up in the breakroom signifying one employee as being better than the others. This is not that. We hope to give a voice to the many incredible stories of our exceptional employees.

Secondly, and similarly, these spotlights are not for any “superior” offices to gain more recognition. Our hope is that in our spotlights we will get a very broad spectrum of employees covering all of our great offices in every line of work.


What are employee spotlights?

This effort is dedicated to spotlighting all of our employees over time and giving a voice to the many incredible stories of our exceptional employees. There are three initiatives within the spotlights.

First, the New Employee Introduction will introduce new employees to the Southern team so you will know them and be able to welcome them. This will include brief information such as degree, hometown, office and position along with other similar information.

Second, The Employee Spotlight will include a description of each employee including ministry background, school background, stories of God’s faithfulness, and vocational hopes for the future. This will serve as a way for our employees to be encouraged by having their stories told, and will also serve as a way for our employees to engage in the lives of others by listening to those stories of God’s providence in the lives of his people.

The third initiative is what we’re calling the Anniversary Spotlight where we will celebrate the dedication and commitment of some of our most tenured employees each month. We want to highlight and celebrate their dedication to Southern Seminary as well as show how they contribute to the mission to train gospel ministers through their work.


How you can get involved.

  1. Get your office involved in the regular spotlights posted on inside.sbts so that Southern can welcome new employees, hear their stories, and congratulate those who have been with Southern for quite some time.
  2. Contact Sean Corser at with recommendations for employee spotlights.
  3. Check to engage with the employee spotlight initiative.
  4. Connect with us on linkedin and on Facebook