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The Southern DNA

Towers Weekly Guidelines

Thank you for your help in making Towers Weekly such an important part of Southern Seminary life. Our hope for Towers Weekly is that it will serve as an effective way to communicate among the Southern community. Our editorial team takes responsibility for any grammatical or style errors that get published, so be aware that we will edit any submissions according to the SBTS Style Guide. Here are a few simple steps to keep in mind when sending your request:

1. Focus on the facts: Your first sentence must include the What/Who/When/Where (Why if applicable). Your announcement is one of many, and our readers need to know the facts first when they are scanning this email. Most marketing language is cut in our editing process.

2. Don’t use first person pronouns: Towers Weekly aggregates emails from nearly every office at the seminary, so “Join us” doesn’t mean anything to our readers. The Communications Office is not “us” in every announcement, so please include the name of the office or host of each event or opportunity. Also, limit second-person pronouns as best you can.

3. Include links for more info: If you have posted more detailed information online, please include a link with your announcement. With facts-first entries, readers are more likely to click on links and then find out more of the “Why” details/marketing language.

BONUS Sample announcements: A free luncheon with a seasoned pastor will offer students insight on ministry Friday, Feb. 10 at noon in Heritage Hall, sponsored by My Office. The first 50 students will receive a free resource. For more information click here.

Register for SWI seminars: Seminary Wives Institute is holding its annual Seminar Saturday on March 11, 9 a.m. – 3:10 p.m, at Legacy Hotel. Women may pre-register for up to 5 one-hour seminars taught by seminary faculty, faculty wives, and guest speakers. Local church groups are welcome. All must register and pay in advance using the form here ( Chick-fil-A lunch is included in the $25 registration fee, which increases to $30 on March 3 and closes on March 6. No child care is available.