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The Southern DNA

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Accounts Payable

Facilities Management

Southern Productions



Campus Police


5th & Broadway

Legacy Hotel

Event Productions


Campus Technology


Moodle Access for Students

SBTS Online Privacy Statement

New Employees

New Employee Checklist

Email/Network ID Form

Fileshare Access Request Form

Jenzabar EX Security Access Form

Phone Line Request Form

Sentry File Access Request Form

Asset Authorization Form

Terminated Employees

Terminated Employee Checklist

Email / Network ID Request Form

Jenzabar EX Security Access Form

Sentry File Access Request Form

Asset Return Form

Fileshare Access Request Form


Admin Rights Request Form (for Seminary-Issued Laptops)

Campus Technology Work Order (Jenzabar Only)

Duplicate ID Form

Network Line Request Form

Software Request Form

Housing-Residential Internet Issues Form

Housing-Residential Phone Issues Form

Manuals and Information

Addressing Manual*

ADDR Cheat Sheet

How to Login to Hanani

Phone Features – Cisco Phones


Moodle Access for Students

Working With Moodle

Moodle Access to Courses for Academic Assistants

Instructions for Granting Academic Assistant Access

Moodle Importing Gift Files (for creating quizzes/exams)

Moodle – How to Add a Picture to Your Course Page

Google Apps Instructions

How to Set Up an Outlook Account

How to Share an Email Account

How to Make a Second Email Account Appear in Outlook

How to Use Delegated Google Email Accounts and Calendars

How to Share A Calendar

How to Request Permission to See a Calendar

How to Sync Your iPhone and iPad to Google Apps

How to Set Up Your Android Device for Google Sync

How to Make the Global Address Book the Default in Your Address Book

How to Set Up an Out-of-Office Response

How to Forward Your SBTS Email Account

How to Change Your Google Apps Password

How to Change Your Mailbox Size

Video Tutorials

Tutorials (viewable by invite only)


Human Resources