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The Southern DNA

Performance Evaluation

This instrument aims to measure an employee's aptitude and performance. Your careful evaluation provides insight to needed improvements that fulfill both department and overall objectives of SBTS.
  • Performance Rating Scale

    3 - Performs with Excellence: Exceeds expectations. Contributions impact the entire institution and community. Deserving of superior recognition. 2 - Performs Satisfactorily: Meets expectations for position requirements and standards. Viewed as a reliable and meaningful contributor. 1 - Needs Improvement: Does not meet expectations, performance is less than required. Must take corrective action to improve their contribution.
  • Demonstrates technical and professional knowledge and ability. Acquires and integrates new skills and knowledge to enhance SBTS operations and image.
  • Accomplishes tasks and concerns for all areas involved; vigilant and accurately checks processes and tasks. Strives to increase efficiency, and create professional deliverables.
  • Uses systematic methods to accomplish more in less time. Consistently meets all deadlines. Avoids confusing activity and organizes effectively to achieve greater results.
  • Leading others to a clear understanding and desired outcomes. Ensures timely delivery of the right information to the right audience. Prudently handles sensitive and confidential information.
  • Dependable, completing projects on time. Trustworthy, persistent, resilient, and effectively handles the right information to the right audience. Prudently handles sensitive and confidential information.
  • The ability to plan work and to go ahead with a task without being told every detail; demonstrates ability to make constructive suggestions.
  • Makes sound decisions. Bases decisions on fact rather than emotion. Takes into consideration impact of decisions on others, SBTS resources and values.
  • Delivers and outstanding customer experience by satisfying customer needs and harmoniously building long-term relationships. Makes good things happen for others.
  • Demonstrates faithfulness with scheduled hours of operation. Represents one's self in a positive and professional manner consistent with SBTS core values.
  • Employee Acknowledgement

    I understand that this performance evaluation is not an employment agreement or contract. As an employee of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, I am expected to participate in various activities; to interact and work cooperatively to assist students, staff and faculty and the community in the accomplishment of various goals; to represent myself and SBTS in a positive, professional manner consistent with the core values and to safeguard sensitive and confidential information from intentional or unintentional disclosure. I am expected to maintain a current working knowledge of policies, procedures, and guidelines necessary to answer work-related questions and to provide assistance to students, staff and faculty and the general public in a timely and courteous manner. I am also expected to perform other duties as may be assigned by my supervisor and to contribute to the team efforts of the department and to assist SBTS in achieving its strategic goals. I must abide by all laws, SBTS policies and guidelines. Further, I understand that I may request a copy of such policies, procedures, and guidelines from my supervisor, area Vice President, Department Head or the Office of Human Resources, or access such information on Inside Southern. My signature indicates that I and my rating supervisor have reviews the contents of this evaluation and have received a copy.
  • By typing your name here, you are signing this application electronically. You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this application.