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New Employee Introduction- Mackey Gaskin

Mackey Gaskin



Richard “Mackey” Gaskin began working at Southern in late March in the Accounting office as the senior accounting specialist. He joins the Southern team as an Eastern Kentucky University alumnus with a degree in accounting and is currently pursuing an M.Div. in Christian Ministries.

Typical responsibilities he is tasked with are reconciling internal office accounts, and reviewing daily intake. When Mackey is not reconciling accounts he can be found enjoying hiking or playing a competitive game of tennis.

Mackey can be reached at

Welcome to the Southern team!





The Flip Book for Summer Exploration

Here at Southern we prize summer as a time to decompress after another strong academic year.  The pace of life gets slower and allows for a lot of time with family and friends. We created this guide to help you make the most of your summer – whether you’re downloading a new app, reading a book, or hanging out with your family. Our hope is that this resource is a tool you can use this summer. Click here to view the Flip Book.
Flip Book

Employee Spotlight- Kristi Noah

It is difficult if not impossible to define a person by one singular theme. Though that may be the case, some are marked by a passion in specific areas. For Kristi Noah, assistant to the Registrar, a central theme, both in her role at Southern and in her personal life, is a compassion for those in difficult situations.


A native Floridian and graduate of the University of West Florida, Kristi was involved in missions to China through the International Mission Board’s (IMB) initiative Face to Face. This involvement led her to longer lengths of service. For six months she found herself serving in a ministry context that served women who were involved in the sex industry. It was during that time that God began to develop a call to pursue a theological education saying, “It became apparent to me that I wanted to study; that I wanted to do ministry longterm.”

Currently a student in the Billy Graham School for Missions, Evangelism and Ministry, Kristi is pursuing an M.Div. in Great Commission Studies, and is utilizing her electives as she completes certification through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). All of this she says is in an effort to serve women who come from a lifestyle in the sex industry. Having been involved with Scarlet Hope in Louisville, a ministry that helps women involved in the sex industry, for three years, this compassion for women in this industry has been a long-term development.

It is not only her involvement overseas or at Scarlet Hope that embodies compassion. As an assistant to the Registrar she directly impacts students, specifically those with incoming credits that need to be transferred in. Graduation, then, is the culmination of her hard work. As just been completed, the Office of the Registrar achieved yet another successful ceremony. “On the hardest days the other employees help you continue to soldier on,” she says.


Fulfillment for her comes in many ways, but as she recounts, “A few months ago a student came in with a really sweet thank you letter. That was a very sweet moment.” Continuing she says, “I see students who were pursuing a degree in general psychology, and now they are focusing on ministering the Word of God to people.” From application through graduation and beyond, no matter what the situation Kristi is marked by compassion for those in difficult situations.

New Employee Introduction- Alainna Davis

Alainna Davis



Alainna Davis began working in the Admissions Office in late January. As an Enrollment Agent in the call center she answers a wide array of questions from perspective students, in other words she is a first point of contact. Alainna is from Highland Home, Alabama and a graduate from the Baptist College of Florida. Alainna is also a student at Southern pursuing an M.Div. in Islamic Studies.

Alainna can be reached at

Welcome to the Southern team!




New Employee Introduction- Sydney Herron

Sydney Herron



Sydney Herron began working in the Health and Recreation Center as a guest services associate in February. A native of Toronto, Canada, she attended the University of Ontario Institute of Technology with an emphasis in business commerce but is now a student at Boyce College studying business administration.

Sydney can be reached at

Welcome to the Southern team!