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The Southern DNA

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Historic Seminary Presidents’ Dinner at Southern

On Saturday night, Southern Seminary hosted the annual SBC Seminary Presidents’ Dinner and introduced the group to the new Duke K. McCall Sesquicentennial Pavilion.  The dinner was very special as we celebrated Southern Seminary’s 150th birthday together.  During dessert, Dr. Jeff Iorg, president of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, asked the other schools to reflect on the legacy of Southern Seminary in the lives of their own institutions.  It was a wonderful night.  Prior to the dinner, Mary and I had the privilege of introducing Dr. and Mrs. Duke K. McCall to the building named in his honor.

Mary and I show Dr. and Mrs. Duke K. McCall (Winona) around the Duke K. McCall Sesquicentennial Pavilion.  Dr. McCall served as President of Southern Seminary from 1951 to 1982.

I welcome attendees to the 2009 SBC Seminary Presidents’ Dinner, proudly hosted by Southern Seminary.

Dr. Jeff Iorg, President of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary; Dr. Phil Roberts, President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Dr. Danny Akin, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; Dr. Duke K. McCall; Dr. Albert Mohler; Dr. Chuck Kelley, President of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; Dr. Ken Hemphill, former president, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Dr. Mark Coppenger, former president Midwestern Seminary; and Dr. Paige Patterson, President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The wives enjoy fellowship as well.  Mrs. Betty Drummond (widow of Dr. Lewis Drummond, former Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism at Southern and former President of Southeastern Seminary); Anna Roberts, Midwestern Seminary; Charlotte Akin, Southeastern Seminary; Winona McCall (wife of Dr. Duke K. McCall); Mary Mohler; Rhonda Kelley, New Orleans Seminary; Paula Hemphill; Dorothy Patterson. Southwestern Seminary; Ann Iorg, Golden Gate Seminary.

Photographer Abigail McBroom went the extra mile to make these photographs happen.